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At Venditore International, our goal is to be the one-stop shop for the technology and consumer products our customers need. We are committed to making sure all of our customers encounter excellence at every step of their journey with Venditore.

Who We Are

Venditore began as a technology services brand in 2002. As a technology consultant business, we encountered endless clients over the years who needed a one-stop shop for their technology needs. They were overwhelmed, however, at the prospect of searching for the services and equipment they were looking for. Venditore was birthed as a result, because we wanted to bring the tailored expertise of our consultation services to the unparalleled convenience that comes from a holistic ecommerce store.

While our roots are in technology, our goal has always been to bring excellence. Today, we remain committed to providing the personalized service to our clients that gave us our start. As a result, our goal is to always bring convenience, quality technology equipment, and excellence through personalized service.

It’s this same desire for excellence and convenience that led to the beginning of our consumer goods division. Our love of healthy food drove us to create a convenient place for shoppers to explore familiar brands while discovering new ones. We’ve replicated the success of our technology division by partnering with brands that reflect our values and help support communities by bringing options for healthy, quality food choices.

From small businesses needing software licenses and network equipment, to busy moms in need of healthy snacks for their family, at Venditore, we pride ourselves on being more than an online store. We are an all-in-one solution that brings care and excellence to every shopper.